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Adobe PDF file Big Al Baseball TDC *

Microsoft Word file Fielding Responsibilities- Visual companion to Managers hand book - diagrams for player placement

Microsoft Word file Fielding Responsibilities (8 and under)- Simplified player placement diagrams

Adobe PDF file First Aid *- A First Aid manual for baseball and softball

Adobe PDF file LL Rules Pertaining to Safety *- A 2-page summary from the LL rule book pertaining to safety issues.

Adobe PDF file 2 Umpire Mechanics Clinic *- Little league training manual for plate and field umpire positioning and mechanics

Adobe PDF file 2019_PLL_Local_Rule_Summary_Umpires.pdf *

Adobe PDF file Field Mechanics Manual 60ft *- Instructions for umpire positioning and methods by game situation.

Adobe PDF file Rules Instruction Manual *- Rules manual for Baseball and Softball used by Little League to train umpires. Contains substantial excerpts from Baseball, Softball, and Challenger rule books with instructor notes

Adobe PDF file 12 Year old Waiver *- Form for 12 year olds wishing to play in the less competitive AAA League than Majors

Adobe PDF file How to Register *- Step by step guide. Includes instructions and screenshots.

Adobe PDF file Residency Waiver *- Waiver for non-residents of Pittsford. Must be sent to the PLL President, PO Box 313, Pittsford NY 14534, or scanned to president@pittsfordlittleleague.org

Adobe PDF file Turf Time Waiver Form *- Waiver form for those who participate in programs at Turf Time.

Adobe PDF file "Big Al" Coaching Clinic *- A free coaching clinic, sponsored by District 4. For baseball and softball managers and coaches.

Adobe PDF file 5 team Bracket *- 5 Team Double elimination seeded bracket

Adobe PDF file 6 Team Bracket *- 6 Team Double elimination seeded bracket

Adobe PDF file 7 team Bracket *- 7 Team Double elimination seeded bracket

Microsoft Excel file Field Usage from MultiSchedule- Master Schedule Field Usage Template - For use with MultiSchedule extract from League Athletics - Admin access not required

Microsoft Excel file Field Usage from Schedule Extract- Master Schedule Field Usage Template - for use with administrator-access Schedule CSV Extract

Microsoft Excel file Schedule Extract- Extract from 6/5/14, for use with Field Usage - open both in "My Documents" and update links. This file must be renamed or the link be renamed.

Microsoft Word file Summer 2014 9/10 Local- Tournament Info

Adobe PDF file 2014 Volunteer Application *- Mandatory application for coaches, managers, board members, and any one in contact with a child.

Adobe PDF file Accident Claim Form *- In case of injury at a practice or game, this form must be completed and sent to Dr. Frank Gigliotti, Pittsford Little League Medical Director.

Adobe PDF file Boundary map *- Official Pittsford LL Boundary map. See online map for an interactive version.

Adobe PDF file Boundary Map plus Extension *- 2009 extension of Boundary near Thruway

Adobe PDF file Little League Insurance *- What parents should know about Little League® insurance.

Adobe PDF file Medical Release Form *- Release form, filled in by parents and carried by the team manager

Adobe PDF file Scoreboard Remote (wired) *- Instructions for Ford B remote

Adobe PDF file Scoreboard Remote (wireless) *- For Ford A, Habecker C, D

2019 PLL Rule Matrix: Revision 1- Updated as of May 15th to include rules on player minimums

Adobe PDF file 9-12u Baseball *

Adobe PDF file Big Al Training and Development Center *

Adobe PDF file Clix Photo Order Form 2018 *

Adobe PDF file DICK'S Shop Day *- DICK'S Shop Day coupon for March 28th and 29th

Microsoft Word file District 4 Baseball Travel Rules: 2015

Microsoft Excel file Fall 2020 Intertown Local Rules- Fall 2020 Intertown Local Rules

Adobe PDF file Fall 2020 PHR Details *- Fall 2020 PHR Details

Media file Fall 2020 PHR Results- Fall 2020 PHR Results

Adobe PDF file Fall 2020 PLL 60 90 Sandlot Summary *

Fall 2020 PLL 60 90 Summary

Adobe PDF file Fall 2020 PLL 60 90 Summary *

Adobe PDF file Fall 2020 PLL 60 90 Summary *

Adobe PDF file Fall 2020 PLL 60 90 Summary *

Adobe PDF file Kindergarten Tee Ball *

Adobe PDF file Machine Pitch *

Adobe PDF file PittsfordLL2018.pdf *

Adobe PDF file PLL D4 Fall 2018 Rules Matrix *- Rules by level of play for Fall 2018 PLL D4 baseball; rules not covered in the matrix are as per LL green book

Adobe PDF file PLL T-Mobile Summer Walk-Off HRD Release Form *- All participants are required to submit the Participant Release signed by their legal guardian to the Pittsford Little League prior to participating in the event. This release can be sent to johnmagats@mac.com prior to the event or provided to the event organizer on the night of the event. Any participant that is found to have not submitted their Participant Release prior to participating will be disqualified, and their results will not be accepted.

Adobe PDF file Pre-K Tee Ball *

Adobe PDF file Pre-K Tee Ball *

Adobe PDF file Spr 19 - Field Information *

Microsoft Word file Summer Series Local Rules Draft- Summer Series Local Rules Draft

Media file Toscano's- Toscano's

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