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Field Scheduling for Practices
  Some PLL leagues have pre-determined practice...
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Safety Rules and First Aid Information
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by John Magats posted 1/26/2021

Injury/Accident, Manager/Coach Resposibilities:

  1. For any injury or accident that requires medical assistance, managers/coaches are required to seek professional medical assistance through a 911 call or other means.
  2. Should a player suffer an injury of any kind during practice, please ensure that their parents are notified via phone, text, or email after the injury occurs. Contact information for your team is on your team page on the PLL site. 
  3. For an injury that requires professional medical attention or is something other than simple first aid or a cleaning/covering with a bandage, please also notify our Safety Officer the same day the injury occurs. Our Safety Officer shall work with the manager or coach to make sure an accident report is completed and filed appropriately. 

    Our Safety Officer is  , (585) 662-5571 

  4. For an injury that requires medical attention or is a concussion, the player will not be allowed to return to practice or play without written authorization from the medical professional who treated the player. The written authorization must be submitted to the coach/manager and the coach/manager must forward this to our Safety Officer.
Field Scheduling for Practices

Some PLL leagues have pre-determined practice locations and times (e.g. TBall and Instructional Baseball Leagues). Consult with your GM if you are unsure. If you are not in one of those leagues, or you want to deviate, here are the guidelines...

1. Practices are scheduled online. We do not use paper forms anymore. PLL will determine if your league allows managers to schedule practices online. Send policy questions to your GM.

2. To schedule practices online, you need to be a manager and you must be logged in.

  • Your GM will set you up in our system as a "manager". If you believe you are not set up propertly, contact your GM.
  • Login with the same username (email address) and password you used to register your child.
  • To avoid problems, make sure your account has a different username (email address) than your spouse. If you need help with this, contact .
  • As a manager, you can also do other things like send emails to your team from your team's roster page, etc.

3. The easiest way to schedule a practice is to go to your team's "Schedule" page (off the "Leagues" menu) and click on the "Options" button (top right of content area) and select "+ Add new event". See screenshots below.

Once you have selected your team via the Leagues menu, you can then get to your Schedule page by going back up to the Leagues menu and clicking on "Schedule":

Your Schedule page should look something like the following. If not, then you are not in the right place. From there, you can select "+Add new event" from the "Options" dropdown:

Which brings you to a form:

In the form:

  • Select your date and time.
  • Select the field you want from the Location dropdown. If you do not know a field yet, you can select "TBD".
  • Select your team from the Teams dropdown
  • No need to select an opponent
  • No need to select event staff (umpires)
  • You might want to uncheck the checkboxes at the bottom for notification (up to you)

4. If you schedule a practice on a field/facility that we do not control -- we control Ford, Habecker, and GEP -- be aware that there is no guarantee that you will actually get the field. Thornell Farm Park is an example of a facility that we do not control.

5. Do not schedule a field more than 2 weeks out, to help prevent the hoarding of fields and times without giving everyone a fair shot. We will delete practices or modify them to "TBD" (see next item) if we catch you violating this courtesy rule.

6. You can schedule a practice at the field called "TBD" if you just want a placeholder on your team's schedule page, and later change it to a real field.

7. Evening daylight rapidly disappears in September and October. We may ask you to change your practice time if you are straddling remaining sunlight, like 5:30 to 6:30 in September instead of 5-6 or 6-7.

8. Games take precedence, so if you schedule a practice at a location and time that is needed for a game, your practice will be superseded. Fall Ball games are mostly on Saturday, rain date Sunday. Schedule practices accordingly.

9. Some fields are for use only by certain leagues. Habecker D, for example, for softball. GEP (Great Embankment) for Juniors. Please ask your GM if you are unsure.

If you have questions about policy, email your GM or . If you have technical problems with the web site, email .

Scoreboard Instructions
Electronic scoreboards at Ford A, and Habecker C, D use wireless remote controls that are available at the snackbars.  Download the instructions HERE.

The control for Ford B is a wired type with outlets near the 3rd base entrance.  The Code for the controller is 80

Do not let let the controllers get wet, but please use them!  Return them to the snackbar at the end of your game.  

Safety Rules and First Aid Information

A 2-page summary from the LL handbook pertaining to safety issues.

First aid manual for baseball.
Website How-To

How do I login to the site as a manager/coach?

To login to the site as a manager/coach, use your regular parent username (email address) and password. The system will know you are a manager/coach, based on the fact that you have been assigned as such in the system.

If you don't know where to find the login form... There is a form in the upper right of the site.

What if I don't know my password or want it changed?

There is a "forgot password" link on the form.

Can I use the website to send an email to my team?

Yes. You must be logged in (see above). Go to your team's Roster page and there will be an "Send Email" link in the "Options" dropdown (upper right of the content area), which will open a form to send an email to your team.

Alternatively, on your team's main page, you can post a message there and choose to also "Broadcast" the message to your team, which will send an email in addition to posting the message on your team page.

How do I post game results?

Currently, only GMs post game results. Posting game results makes them publicly available and will update the league standings. You must be logged in. To post game results, go to your team's Results page. Select your team, click the edit icon to the right of the game in question, and enter the results.

How do I add player statistics including pitch counts?

Currently, only GMs add player statistics. You must be logged in. To enter player statistics, go to your team's Results page. Select your team, click the statistics icon (Greek letter) to the right of the game in question, and enter the stats.

Can I view contact information for my team's parents and players?

Yes. You must be logged in. To view contact information, go to your team's Roster page. Click on a player/parent to view their contact information.

How do I schedule a practice?

Only some leagues allow managers to schedule practices online. Please see How to Schedule a Practice.

The practice you create will appear on your team's schedule, along with your official games, etc.

Note: The Master Schedule will display ALL teams' practices and games.

Where can I get more help?

Contact with questions.

UPM45 Instructions
This short video shows how to use the Blue Flame pitching machine

Written instructions can be found here.

Ultimate Pitching Machine
Here is a short video on using the Blue Flame 45 pitching machine