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This information is current for Fall 2020.

Registration for fall programs runs through the end of August. The season starts on the Saturday after Labor Day and runs to the last weekend in October, weather depending. Team assignment takes place after registration ends.

The Fall season is comprised of baseball and softball leagues for players from Pre-K to 16 years old. Fall ball is open to anyone who meets the age requirements. You do not have to have played in PLL in the spring to play in the fall. Teams generally play one game per week on Saturdays. Sundays are the rain date.

Game schedules are designed to avoid conflicts with other youth sports such as soccer and football (as much as possible). Usually there is one practice per week, which is set by each team manager. Tee ball and instructional teams (K-2nd) may have league-designated practice times and space.

A sample schedule template for Games and Practices is below.

There may be opportunities to play against teams from nearby towns, particularly for the older players.

The focus of Fall Ball is developmental. This enables PLL to offer instruction and games to returning players, as well as to those who did not play during the spring season. In many cases, it also gives players exposure to the next level of play; i.e. the level they will be eligible to play next spring.

There are no tryouts for fall ball. Players are placed on teams by the Fall League General Manager. The Board of PLL will select managers and coaches. Please indicate your interest in managing or coaching on the registration form. 

The following table provides information about each fall league. Final league structures for any given year depend on registration numbers for each group.

Baseball for boys and girls

League Qualifications Description
Tee Ball For kids entering Pre-K or Kindergarten, and at least 4 years old by 8/31 of the next year. There may be all-girls teams, depending on interest and numbers.
Instructional Coach Pitch For kids entering 1st grade, or 2nd grade and not ready for machine pitch. Coach Pitch and Tee (fallback).
Instructional Machine Pitch For kids entering 2nd grade, or 3rd grade and not ready for kid pitch. Machine Pitch.
Minors For kids who played (or could have played) Machine Pitch or Minors in spring. Generally speaking, this means kids who will be 9-10 years old next year and are entering at least 3rd grade this fall. Kid Pitch.
Majors For kids who played (or could have played) Minors or Majors in spring or will be 11-12 years old on 8/31 of next year. Kid Pitch. Some games may be Intertown
Intermediate For kids who will be 12-13 years old on 8/31 of the next year. Players should have played Majors or Intermediate (or equivalent) in Spring. 50/70 field. Games are Intertown.
Juniors For kids who will be 13-14 years old on 8/31 of the next year. 60/90 field. Games are Intertown.
Seniors For kids who will be 15-16 years old on 8/31 of the next year. 60/90 field. Games are Intertown.

Note that there is some age overlap at Minors and above. This is by design. It allows kids to play with others at similar skill level. At the younger ages (tee-ball and instructional leagues), this isn't so important, as the kids get more out of playing with their friends of the same age/grade.

Softball for girls

League Qualifications Description
Minors 9-10 years old at the end of this year. Player Pitch with coach-pitch backup.
Majors 11-12 years old at the end of this year. Player Pitch.
Seniors 13-16 years old at the end of this year. Player Pitch.