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In August 2017, the PLL board approved a proposal to work with the Pittsford Panthers (PP) travel baseball organization to create “Pittsford Community Baseball & Softball” (PCBS). PCBS operates as an association or umbrella organization whereby the PLL and PP have agreed to coordinate their activities for the betterment of players, families and the Pittsford community at large. Pursuant to this, PLL participants have the opportunity to also participate in the Panthers travel baseball and softball program.

Although the PLL and PP organizations are rooted in the game of baseball (and softball) and each feels that youth sports are a venue for participants to learn valuable life lessons, the PLL and PP organizations have different missions. 

  • The PLL is a chartered member of Little League International; the league exists to provide any child (ages 4 to 16) residing in Pittsford and East Rochester who want to play baseball or softball with the opportunity to do so – regardless of their ability or skill level; there are no cuts and equal playing time is mandated.
  • The PP mission is to provide Pittsford residents ages 7 and up with the opportunity to play highly competitive baseball within and outside Monroe County. 

Despite the creation of PCBS, each organization’s mission has remained unchanged. For clarity, PCBS is not a legal entity; the PLL and PPB continue to operate as separate entities, each with its own legal structure, board of directors, by-laws, operating guidelines, etc.

The benefits that have been created through the formation of the PCBS umbrella include:

  • Full Participation: Players who wish to play at a house (recreational) level (PLL) and a competitive level (PP) have the opportunity to fully participate in both without having to decide between one or the other as practice and game schedules are set up so there is no conflict between the two.
  • Consistency: Core concepts of the game approach and baseball instruction that’s taught are the same between both the PLL and PP organizations so there is consistency for players who participate in both. Further, the game approach and baseball instruction are aligned to the Sutherland and Mendon scholastic programs.
  • Set Schedules: Scheduling practices and games jointly, the PLL and PP can provide a player with a set schedule throughout the season so families can better manage their activities.
  • Resource Utilization: By working as one, the PLL and PP organizations can best utilize our collective resources and resources from the school district and town; PLL/Panthers home fields are generally regarded as being the best in the area.
  • Affordability: The PLL and PP are not-for-profit organizations that provide high-quality player development programs, league and tournament play, and off-season (indoor) workouts at significantly lower rates than local club alternatives.

Pittsford Panthers travel teams typically compete in the following age groups and levels:

  • Baseball: 8u (machine and coach pitch), 9u, 10u, 11u, 12u (46/60 and 50/70), 13u (50/70 and 60/90), 15u, 17u, and select; rules vary by age level with respect to bat requirements, pitching limits, leading/stealing, balks, infield fly rule, and uncaught third strikes. 
  • Softball: 10u, 12u, and 14u

Panthers teams compete in the Little League NY District 4 inter-town travel program and the Monroe County Baseball Region (MCBR) youth baseball program. 

All Panthers players 12 and under are REQUIRED to also play on a spring PLL team (e.g. Machine Pitch, Rookies, Minors or Majors). Panthers games and practice schedules are designed to avoid conflicts. Panthers travel games are typically played on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Each travel team typically plays 12-18 games per season in addition to participating in tournaments. Roughly half of the games will be played in Pittsford, with away games in Monroe County and the surrounding area.

Panthers tryouts are held in September and October. There will be at least two try-out sessions. Players are only required to attend one session. Selected players will be invited by coaches and administrators to join a team after tryouts have taken place. Commitment to the team and to the league is essential. Each invitee will have a short decision period to join the team, and if a player does not register and make payment, the League will move on to other players. Rosters are expected to have 12 players plus (possibly) alternates. Weight is given to tryout performance, past performance, coach-ability, commitment and sportsmanship.

For more information: info@pittsfordlittleleague.org.